Traditionally, your personal data has been used by businesses for their benefit, not yours

In the traditional model of electronic commerce, every time you, as a consumer, enter a department store, security cameras record your movements. Every time you swipe your credit card, purchases are recorded and analyzed. Every website you visit stores information about your browsing habits.

Consumers give their information freely to social media sites with what appear to be robust Privacy Policies. However, the biggest beneficiary of social media is not you, the user. Rather, it is those who monetize the value of the data you and consumers like you generate. Your data has traditionally been used to serve corporations, rather than to serve you personally.

Before now, you have never been given access to that data.

OpenDNA disagrees with this approach – we want you to have control

With access to your data you can build tools that anticipate your needs and take initiative regarding what is known about you. Your data should empower you personally, not empower advertisers to persuade you to purchase products you haven’t asked for and don’t need.

That’s why OpenDNA is different. Our ethos is to return ownership and control of your data to you, allowing you to leverage its value for your own benefit. We do this by giving you access to your own data and the ability to modify that data from time to time to reflect your changing interests and determine what businesses “see” about you. As a result, companies you interact with can provide you a more personalized, customized and relevant experience in the apps / websites / systems you engage with.

This OpenDNA ethos is shared by each organization with whom we partner. All such partner organizations are required to support, embed and abide by OpenDNA’s policies and practices regarding data collection, ownership and use.

How OpenDNA benefits you

Imagine visiting a shopping site where the products are actually personalized for you to view easily. Imagine that the advertisements on a website you visit are actually tailored to your interests, rather than being bombarded with irrelevant products, content and advertising that creates clutter and distraction which takes up your time needlessly. Imagine if your cable TV network was able to provide you with shows personalized to your preferences, instead of you having to scroll through hundreds of channels to find what you would like to watch. This is the power of OpenDNA.

Our Transparency Policy

Below is our policy setting out how we treat your data. Rather than being a “privacy policy”, we call this a “Transparency Policy” because we want to be candid, open and transparent with you about our data collection practices and ensure that the data we collect that relates to you is serving you. We’ve tried to make the Policy as simple and user-friendly as possible, to maximize its relevance and benefit.

OpenDNA and each of its business partners are all bound by this Policy, giving you comfort that when you see the OpenDNA logo on websites or apps that are your data will be accessible to you. Every time OpenDNA does business with a company, we require them to sign up to our Standard Terms and Conditions (“Conditions”). This Transparency Policy (“Policy”) is expressly incorporated into the, meaning that each of our business partners agree to adopt and abide by the terms of this Policy. In practice, this means that any data that is mapped to provide you with a personalized, relevant experience in the apps / websites / systems you use remains accessible to you. You also have the opportunity to edit this information to ensure that you are able to receive the most personalized and relevant user experience.
We think it’s important that you own and control the information collected by websites and apps which relates to you – this Policy explains how we give effect to that concept

This Policy explains what information we collect from you, how we use it, how we store it and how we make it available to you. Your privacy – and your ability to maintain control over information relevant to you – is important to us, so we’ve developed this Policy to inform you how we treat your data.

This Policy applies not only to any services that you acquire directly from OpenDNA, but also to services you acquire from our business partners (who, as mentioned above, are required to incorporate this Policy into their own business practices).

The most important feature of this Policy and of services powered by OpenDNA, whether provided directly by us or through our business partners (“Services”) is that you, the user, have transparent and ready access at all times to the information that is collected and used to provide you with personalized experiences.

From time to time we may make changes to try to improve this Policy, so please refresh your understanding of it periodically

Please take the time to review the following Policy. We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time. We will provide notice of changes through reasonable means, such as email or prominent notices displayed on our website, but you should also review this Policy periodically. You consent to any changes made to this Policy by continuing to use the Services after any change is made. If you object to our Policy then please do not use the Services.