Insights & Psychographics
At your fingertips

Synapse is an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you never-seen-before insights into your user base. From the most popular interests across an entire user population, down to each individual's interest scores and Personality Attributes, Synapse presents actionable data that drives user behavior as well as relevancy scores for your content, even before it's published.

Concise. Clear. Convenient.

Synapse's clean, modern design is easily configurable using drop-and drag widgets, making it great for in-depth analysis as well as a general command center display.
Everyone sees the insights and key performance indicators that are most relevant to their specific business needs.

  • View interest scores across your population of end users, drillable down to n=1
  • View relevancy scores for you content, both published and proposed
  • View Personality Attributes for each user

User Analysis

Cutting edge profiling technology

Really get to know your customers. Dive into the depth and breadth of each user to better understand what makes them tick. Better user insights mean higher marketing conversion rates, more effective offers, more revenue and cross-selling, and long-lasting customer loyalty.

  • Ongoing oversight of psychographic data allows for reporting on the evolution of user interests over time
  • Comprehensive Application Engagement metrics (session and action counts), aggregated from across all devices
  • Personality analysis to give an insight into the values and traits of users
  • See how behavior patterns, and user preferences differ between the morning, afternoon & evening
  • User cohorts split by device, platform, demographics and activity
  • AI recommendation engine performance, understand how it’s working for you

Content Analysis

See your content like never before

Content analytics simplified through logical layers of data visualization.

  • Hassle free performance & tracking of content
  • Make your content work hard for you using our readability analytics
  • Pick out your top performing content to understand what makes a winning formula
  • Highlight underperforming content and take action to boost relevance for your audience
  • Predict gaps in content via Content Consumption gauges

Our AI systems analyzes and contextualizes your content to serve perfectly matched content at a single user level.

Interest Analysis

Discover an opportunity to deliver what users actually want

  • Be updated on what are the hot topics of interest for your users
  • Closely monitor content coverage across your users’ needs
  • Witness clear distinction between user and machine added interests

View and sort your top performing interests by:

  • percentage of population holding interest
  • average interest level
  • average interest growth

What’s trending? Where? View interest performance by global location heat map.


Polls & Custom Surveys

Get accurate user feedback using our advanced survey and polls management system

  • Generate a poll in seconds with a straightforward 3 step process
  • Keep it relevant, Set an expiry date and visibility frequency
  • Find your polls and surveys easily by making use of our intelligent swim lane filtering
  • Simultaneously create polls and surveys across multiple content sets

Team Access

Be in control

Manage member roles to give power to your team,
while maintaining access control to sensitive data


  • Build your own reports, to filter through the data and focus in on a particular set of users or content
  • Take data offline through an Export to .csv function
  • Enjoy complete access to historic reports

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