eCommerce Hyper-Personalisation

Daishu is part of the Synapse suite of products and brings the battle-tested OpenDNA Artificial Intelligence System to eCommerce.

Daishu Dashboard - eCommerce Analytics and Personalisation

Your Products. Personalised.

Collaborative filtering meets deep user psychographics.
Sales analytics meets broad knowledge graphs.

Using OpenDNA's core AI and Machine Learning platform, Daishu enables existing eCommerce environments to quickly and easily incorporate cutting-edge analysis and recommendations technology.

Building on industry-standard techniques to engage and convert users, Daishu establishes a long-term view of your shoppers and their buying preferences. Lift your conversion rate through early and effective user engagement, backed by long-term, hyper-personalised retention strategies.

  • Real-time and aggregated shopper insights.
  • Direct CMS integration.
  • Customisable dashboards and metrics built around your business needs.

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