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Research Report by TMT Analytics

OpenDNA (ASX:OPN) enables businesses to add substantially more granularity to profiles of their customers compared to other data analytics services on the market today. OpenDNA is an Artificial Intelligence System (AIS) combining Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing to build detailed psychographic and behavioral maps on users and customers. Using this technology, businesses can now effectively drive increased engagement, longer session times and higher revenue from their customers.

OpenDNA understands users’ intent

OPN’s AIS powers businesses, enabling them to push relevant content or products that a user wants because the system understands users’ intent. In turn, this empowers and benefits the customer as they receive a very personalized and relevant experience with the businesses they engage with. They are not grouped into categories and seeing information that masses would see. OPN’s AIS is also industry agnostic allowing the technology to be deployed in a variety of ways.

OpenDNA maps a user’s interests and learns about the extent of interest that they may have in any area relative to any other interest that they may have. This is highly contextualized and relevant to that specific user. This granularity of detail within a user’s psychographic profile separates OpenDNA from any other personalization / analytics systems.

Businesses can now allow users to control their own interests within an OpenDNA-powered system, which helps further enhance their user experience, keeping it more relevant and up to date.

Distinct technology that drives revenues from content and data

This technology and ability to know the user so intricately can be highly valuable for any content delivery business, such as publishers (newspapers, magazines) and entertainment companies (e.g. video streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Stan etc.).

Additionally, we see broad applicability in the Data Analytics markets as well. As an illustration, OPN just signed an MOU with US-based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platform Looker to market OPN's personalization and psychographic insight technology to Looker's very extensive client base. We will discuss this deal in more detail in a follow on research note.

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