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Investment summary

OPN’s commercial roll out is gaining momentum as high-profiled customers such as Epoch Times, Looker and Expert System sign up to use their Artificial Intelligent engine to better understand their own customers.

We believe the company’s current Enterprise Value of A$ 7.7M doesn’t come close to reflecting OPN’s medium to longer term revenue potential. This provides a clear opportunity for investors looking for a high potential Technology stock with global applicability. Hence, we reiterate our speculative Buy recommendation for OPN.

Getting strong traction across different verticals

OpenDNA (ASX:OPN) enables businesses to substantially enhance online customer profiles by combining Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing to build detailed psychographic and behavioral maps on users and customers. Using OpenDNA’s Artificial Intelligence System (AIS), businesses can now effectively drive online customer engagement, longer online session times and higher revenue from their customers by providing them with more relevant and engaging content online.

Typical users of OPN’s technology include online publishers and media companies, data analytics companies, customer service departments as well as eCommerce and retail companies. Essentially any organisation looking for higher online user engagement and, subsequently, higher revenues from these users, could be an OPN customer...

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