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OpenDNA Launches IOS and Android APPS For Sportsblog


  • Successful launch of OpenDNA-powered app for SportsBlog - now available through iOS and Google Play respectively
  • OpenDNA-powered apps enable the real-time tracking of individual end-users to gauge their interests, opinions and propensity to engage
  • Integration of personalised advertising framework across all OpenDNA powered platforms to drive near-term revenue growth
  • OpenDNA allows companies, brands and promotional campaigns to understand, target and interact in a more personalised level with their end-users

OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has launched the highly-personalized app for foundation customer SportsBlog LLC (“SportsBlog”).

The SportsBlog app has been developed and launched for both IOS and Android platforms, and is now available for public download at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Importantly, a key component of OpenDNA’s near-term monetisation strategy is the integration of personalized advertising networks across all OpenDNA-powered client websites and apps.

Personalized advertising content for the SportsBlog app will be delivered through OpenDNA’s strategic partnership with US-based advertising technology company MediaFuse (announced 23 December 2016).

SportsBlog will pay the Company a fixed monthly license fee, which is based on the number of users of the OpenDNA powered SportsBlog app. In addition, they will pay a variable fee on a monthly basis, which is based on an agreed percentage share of the ad revenue generated by the app during the month.

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SportsBlog’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Dano, commented:

“After running a successful program with OpenDNA on the SportsBlog app in September 2016, we have seen a positive impact on the level of user interaction.  We are thus very happy to update both the iPhone and Android app, and to integrate the next-generation personalization system together with an ad network that OpenDNA has partnered with.

We have also committed to integrating OpenDNA into the new web platform being launched within the next couple of months so millions of our other users can benefit from the power of personalized content.”

OpenDNA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jay Shah, commented:

“We are very pleased with the successful launch of the IOS and Android app for SportsBlog, as it represents a critical step towards the integration of personalized ad networks across all OpenDNA-powered platforms.

Significantly, the capacity for OpenDNA to integrate personalized ad networks for its customers has the potential to unlock multiple revenue streams in the near-term.

OpenDNA remains focused on continuing to scale up our customer base on a global level, allowing the business to penetrate a number of key market segments and further diversify the revenue base. We look forward to providing our shareholders with further operational developments shortly.”

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