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  • New enhanced version of OpenDNA’s Jottr intelligent news discovery application (“Jottr App”) recently released on both Play Store and Appstore in iOS and Android formats, providing users with content from over 2,000 sources on topics including entertainment, medicine, technology, sports, world news, finance and much more
  • The exceptionally smart Jottr App uses the power of OpenDNA’s Artificial Intelligence System (“AIS”) to continually learn user preferences, enabling it to deliver only articles and content which are of interest to the specific user of the App
  • Strengthens monetisation strategy with OpenDNA to generate increased revenue through delivery of personalised advertising and web content to targeted end-users
  • The latest Jottr App features native advertising from Facebook, allowing OpenDNA to earn revenue through users ‘clicking’ on the advert. Native Ads are paid media that blend into content on the App, which are unobtrusive to the user and create a seamless user experience
  • Jottr was built using OpenDNA’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which App developers can now also use to quickly integrate OpenDNA artificial intelligence technology into their apps
  • As recently announced through a partnership with Future Mobile Technology, the Android version of the Jottr App pre-loaded on all upcoming Netsurfer Android smartphone devices, marking an exciting and potentially lucrative foray by OpenDNA into the mobile hardware sector

More Human Personalisation

Powered by OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the Jottr App “learns” about a user’s preferences with every swipe of the screen. Replicating real-life scenario, where an individual would turn the page of a newspaper or magazine and read a specific article that interests them.

OpenDNA’s technology enables Jottr to continually learn a user’s likes, dislikes, needs and habits which builds a powerful psychographic profile in real-time ensuring that the next set of content screens is tailored to the user’s intricate interests, giving them a highly personalised and enhanced experience.

Jottr users also have the ability to edit their interests, as interpreted by OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence engine, whenever they want. This feature provides users with an additional level of control over the information they wish to see and interact with (and that which they don’t).

Built on OpenDNA’s SDK, the new release is the latest iteration of OpenDNA’s highly intelligent Jottr App, a version of which (Jottr Elect) was featured in iOS form in the Apple App Store on four occasions during 2016. The Company has recently made available to app developers the Android version of the SDK, enabling them to quickly integrate OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence and personalisation technology into third party apps.

Originally launched in iOS form in January 2016, the Jottr App has delivered (and continues to deliver) clear evidence of the benefits of the Company’s innovative technology and its ability to provide an enhanced user experience. Since January 2016, Jottr usage statistics have shown an average user session time of 11 minutes and 26 seconds, with users reading 13 news stories on average.

The industry average (as per Statista) for mobile session length in media and entertainment is 5mins and 35secs. Jottr shows twice the industry average in usage.

The Jottr app also creates a strong template allowing OpenDNA to create multiple content apps within 2 to 3 months for businesses, all powered by AI. This also includes the integration of the Facebook native advertising network allowing publishers to generate higher revenue from increased retention.

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OpenDNA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jay Shah, commented:

“OpenDNA is always innovating and building applications and systems that will allow any small to large businesses to easily integrate Artificial Intelligence technology to their product offerings, thus ensuring their users always get the most relevant and personalized experiences. In the age where Artificial Intelligence is almost a requirement if you want to see your business grow, OpenDNA makes it easy!”.

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