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  • Binding MOU signed with Gaia Interactive, Inc. (“Gaia”), a Silicon Valley- based pioneer of online social communities and the “virtual worlds”, which has won several accolades including Webware 100’s Community category award, Time Magazine’s list of 50 best websites, and Mashable’s Best User Experience Award.
  • Gaia is a massively popular publisher in virtual worlds space, has millions of monthly active users and is the creator of the highly popular Gaia Online platform and the innovative shopping site Mix10
  • OpenDNA’s technology will enable Gaia to personalize their content to each individual user, allowing for richer discovery and more engaging content experiences

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA”) is pleased to announce the signature of a binding memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Gaia Interactive, Inc. (“Gaia”), the maker of the immensely popular site Gaia Online.

The MOU contemplates an initial 90-day trial to integrate OpenDNA’s Artificial Intelligence System (“AIS”) into Gaia’s digital platform(s), to enable OpenDNA to begin to personalize content served to its users. Through the use of OpenDNA’s technology, each individual user will be delivered highly personalized content, relevant to their specific interests.

Upon the trial being successful to both parties’ satisfaction they have agreed to enter into an ongoing customer agreement in OpenDNA's standard format pursuant to which OpenDNA will charge its user based licence fees or charge a percentage of revenue derived from commerce sales by Gaia the terms of which are otherwise confidential.

Speaking today in relation to the signing of the MOU, Gaia’s CEO, James Cao, said:

“Our sole focus at Gaia is to give our loyal community the best experience possible. We are committed to constantly improving our site and our apps so that our users can enjoy the content that makes our community so special. We are delighted to partner with OpenDNA to allow our users to personalize their experience.”

OpenDNA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Jay Shah, said:

“Gaia is a noted leader in the “virtual worlds” and online social communities space, which we see as a key emerging area in OpenDNA’s future strategic direction. Because these communities are built upon user-generated content, we feel that our personalization technology is a perfect fit for this growing sector. We’re pleased to be working with Gaia in particular, because they value their users and their community so dearly and put them at the forefront of everything they do. We believe our technology will enhance the virtual world experience through further personalising it for each user, as well as enhancing new content discovery that his relevant to that user.”

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