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  • In June 2017 OpenDNA signed a binding MOU with Future Mobile Technology (“FMT”), manufacturer and provider of the high-quality “Netsurfer” range of Android™ powered mobile devices to the European and African markets
  • Jottr, OpenDNA’s personalized content App, was made available on Google’s Play Store and is now pre-loaded onto every Netsurfer phone. Jottr hosts over 2,000 sources of rich content streams to cater to and peak most user’s interests
  • FMT recently started selling its Netsurfer devices in 5 models (“Eagle-4.5 Inch Screen”, “Viper-5 Inch Screen”, “Tomcat-5 Inch Screen”, “B52-6 Inch Screen” & the “Falcon-5.5 Inch Screen”)
  • Through this pioneering development OpenDNA-enriched Netsurfer devices will “learn” and tailor news, entertainment, sports, technology and lifestyle content to each individual user
  • FMT aims to sell over 500,000 Netsurfer phones onto the market by end of 2018, all of which will contain Jottr. This partnership saves OpenDNA over $1M in user acquisition costs and at the same time FMT benefits by learning more about their customers’ interests and generate additional incremental revenue after the sale of the handsets

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA”) is pleased to announce the successful launch of Future Mobile Technology (“FMT”), manufacturer and provider of the high-quality Android™ powered mobile handsets “Netsurfer” onto the market.

OpenDNA’s innovative machine learning-powered personalization technology opens the way for Android™ device manufacturers to tailor services and content across Google’s rich content ecosystem, paving the way for the “Internet of Me” experience.

The exceptionally smart Jottr App uses the power of OpenDNA’s Artificial Intelligence System (“AIS”) to continually learn user preferences, enabling it to deliver only articles and content which are of interest to the specific user of the App thereby helping to save the customer money by using less data on irrelevant content.

The industry average for mobile session length in media and entertainment is 5 minutes and 59 seconds (Source: Statista 2017). Jottr shows more than twice the industry average in usage.

In July 2017 when OpenDNA announced the launch of Android™ Jottr App, the average session duration on the platform was 11mins and 26secs and reading 13 news stories on average. However, in the last 90 days the figures have increased to user’s spending 15mins 6secs on average per session and reading over 17 news stories on average.

Based on the above growth trajectory and Jottr being deployed in over 500,000 handsets by end of 2018, and using the below assumptions:

  • 15% of Netsurfer phone users use the App monthly
  • 15% of monthly users use the App daily
  • average cost per click of $0.65 and
  • average cost per thousand ad impressions being $2

The partnership has the capacity to generate between $250,000 and $500,000 yearly in ad revenues when fully optimized.

OpenDNA learns a user’s detailed interests and is able to determine relevancy between each interest type. This can be applied in any industry segment as the technology is industry agnostic. 

Tracy Andersson, FMT’s CEO, said:

“We are very excited about what this partnership can bring to the market and potential additional revenues that can be achieved. As previously stated, our partnership with OpenDNA was a natural fit – we wanted our users to ‘love their Netsurfer’ and the content experience is a major part of making that a reality."

Speaking today in relation to the successful Netsurfer phone launches, OpenDNA Managing Director and CEO Jay Shah said:

“We have been delighted to work with the team at Future Mobile Technology with the successful integration and launch of Jottr on their Netsurfer phones, which are beautifully designed and perfectly tailored to their customers’ needs, an aspiration that is shared by both parties across our products. We are excited by the opportunity to bring real personalization to the mobile handset.”

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