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  • OpenDNA to power Family Traveller website and Apps, providing real-time psychographic profiling of customer base and personalised advertising content
  • Agreement allows OpenDNA to penetrate global travel market and provides direct access to over 250,000 Family Traveller consumers
  • OpenDNA’s capacity to provide advertising content to clients following recent agreement with MediaFuse is a key near-term revenue driver
  • OpenDNA allows companies, brands and promotional campaigns to understand, target and interact in a more personalised level with their end-users

OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has signed an agreement with UK-based travel company, Family Traveller, (“Family Traveller”) to power its digital platforms with OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence technology.

Under the agreement, OpenDNA will power Family Traveller’s website and mobile apps (iOS and Android) with its Artificial Intelligence System to enable the real-time psychographic profiling of Family Traveller’s 250k+ consumers. Based on this data, OpenDNA will also integrate an advertising system which will further allow Family Traveller to target individual customers with specific advertisements.

By having OpenDNA build a detailed, up-to-the-second profile of its customer base, Family Traveller will be able to interact with its users in real-time and provide its users with only the travel content they have an actual interest in. This provides significant revenue generation opportunities for Family Traveller through increased user engagement as well as ensuring that the consumer receives the most personalised experience of relevant travel related content.

OpenDNA will charge Family Traveller an upfront sign-on fee, followed by a monthly fee to power the website and apps respectively. The Company will also generate revenue through increased customer subscriptions and user traffic across Family Traveller’s platforms.

OpenDNA’s technology has the capacity to revolutionise the way in which brands and organisations interact with targeted individuals on a global scale. Data analytics and consumer profiling technology has driven the categorization of end-users to date, however OpenDNA drives much deeper as it enables the real-time tracking of individual end-users to gauge their interests, opinions and propensity to engage.

OpenDNA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jay Shah, commented:

“We are very pleased to be partnering with one of the UK’s leading travel brands, as it represents the Company’s first push into the online travel market, which we view as a significant near-term growth opportunity.

The exposure to Family Traveller’s 250k+ users will also enable OpenDNA to capture critical data and analysis on the global travel sector – further strengthening our ability to profile user interests across multiple market segments.

The Company’s near-term focus is on continuing to scale-up our global customer base through the penetration of new market segments, and we look forward to providing our shareholders with further updates on this strategy in the near-term.”

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