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  • Facebook and Fyber mobile ad tech platforms provide the ability to drive increased advertising revenues across OpenDNA-powered systems, which OpenDNA directly benefits from through revenue-sharing arrangements with its customers.
  • As a result of its agreements with Facebook and Fyber, OpenDNA can now offer its customers access to extensive advertising inventory, best-inclass ad technology and increased advertising revenue when used in conjunction with OpenDNA’s highly personalised apps.
  • These features are strongly attractive to the lucrative publishing sector in particular, which OpenDNA is actively pursuing as a critical component of its overall monetisation and user growth strategy.
  • The new agreements follow OpenDNA’s previously-announced arrangements with MediaFuse and form part of a broader ongoing strategy to offer seamlessly integrated ad content as part of OpenDNA powered platforms.

Leading Artificial Intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX:OPN) (“OpenDNA” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed agreements with two of the world’s largest mobile ad tech providers – Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Fyber GmbH – as a result of which the Company’s capacity to monetise customer content across all OpenDNA-powered systems will be significantly strengthened.

Facebook (via Facebook Audience Network) was recently rated the world’s bestperformed ad network (according to Singular ROI Index), while Fyber, an independent advertising company which connects app developers and media companies with advertisers, provides a suite of ad tech products which empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serve over half a billion monthly active users globally.

OpenDNA is now able to provide a turn-key solution to any company wishing to generate higher revenue streams via digital ads. This allows businesses without any in-house expertise to automatically take advantage of the one-stop solution offered by OpenDNA.

Driving increased near-term revenue and customer take-up

The Facebook and Fyber platforms offer a number of key benefits capable of increasing ad revenues for OpenDNA customers, including access to significantly deeper and global advertising inventory than would otherwise be available to them, robust fill rates, industry-leading rates of remunerations, and powerful mediation capabilities (a technology which delivers an integrated portfolio of ad networks to publishers and enables them to sell their inventory to the different ad networks through one single channel) for optimization of revenue.

OpenDNA’s relationships with leading ad tech providers and its ability to integrate and manage ad server platforms on behalf of customers, when combined with the revenue-generation benefits outlined above, provide a compelling case for publishers and other key potential customers to engage with OpenDNA.

Increased revenue generation for customers not only promotes expansion of OpenDNA’s growing customer base, it also results in revenue flowing directly to OpenDNA under its highly scalable customer revenue sharing model where the Company receives a percentage of all revenue generated by OpenDNA-powered platforms. This revenue stream is in addition to the standard monthly user license and content page view fees charged by the Company to customers.

Native advertising capability

OpenDNA’s agreement with Facebook in particular is especially significant, given that company’s position at the forefront of native advertisement delivery. Native ad capability is particularly attractive to publishers, as it allows them to design and seamlessly integrate rich but unobtrusive ads into their mobile applications’ content experiences, meaning that ads appear as part of the consistent “fabric” of the application rather than as obvious “breaks” or “inserts” in the content which can sometimes interrupt the flow of the user experience.

OpenDNA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jay Shah, commented:

“Securing access to the Facebook and Fyber ad tech platforms is highly significant for OpenDNA and represents a further step towards offering our customers the ability to maximise revenue from their online platforms. We are actively pursuing further similar arrangements with leading ad tech providers, which will position OpenDNA strongly to have access to a suite of ad server products which can then be tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This will provide a powerful tool having both the potential to exponentially increase revenues for the Company and its existing customers alike and to attract new customers for OpenDNA. At the same time as pursuing these initiatives, OpenDNA is aggressively building its new business pipeline and the Company looks forward to updating shareholders on the signing of additional customer and channel partnership contracts shortly.” - ENDS

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