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  • Binding MOU signed with Epoch Times, Inc. (“Epoch Times”), the New York City- based publisher of the eponymous multi-language newspaper The Epoch Times
  • The Epoch Times is an independent voice in print and on the web, which is published in 21 languages, in 35 countries, across five continents
  • The Epoch Times receives 105 million page views per month from 20 million visitors
  • OpenDNA’s technology will enable Epoch Times to obtain better insights into its millions of online readers and subscribers, in turn delivering an even more personalized news and content experience for the individual reader

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the signature of a binding memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Epoch Times, Inc., a privately held New York City-based news media company.

The MOU contemplates an initial 90-day trial to integrate OpenDNA’s Artificial Intelligence System (“AIS”) into Epoch Times’ digital platform(s), to enable OpenDNA to begin generating insights and psychographic data for Epoch Times on its individual readers. Through the use of OpenDNA’s technology, each individual reader will in turn be delivered highly personalized news and advertising content, which is tailored their specific interests.

Should the trial be viewed by both parties as successful, they will enter into an ongoing customer agreement in OpenDNA’s standard format, under which OpenDNA will be entitled to a percentage of revenue derived from advertising and First Party Data Insights, as well as monthly user-based license fees.

Speaking today in relation to the signing of the MOU, Lukas Chudy, Director of Digital Marketing at Epoch Times, said:

“Our mission is to be an independent voice in print and on the web. We report news responsibly, truthfully and we are a business that puts our readers’ interests first. Through the implementation of OpenDNA’s leading edge technology, we will gain further insights into the interests, likes and dislikes of each of our readers, down to an individual level, which will ultimately enable us as a publisher to deliver to each of our readers the most relevant and engaging content.”

OpenDNA’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Jay Shah, said:

“We are extremely proud and excited to work with a publisher of the calibre of Epoch Times, whose purpose and values are very much aligned to our own, specifically putting the individual reader first. The Epoch Times already has more than 20 million readers, making this a massive opportunity for OpenDNA, with news coverage and distribution continuing to grow as more editions in more languages are produced to service readers in more regions. Our technology will facilitate that growth as a result of Epoch Times gaining better insights of its individual readers, tailoring content based on their likes and dislikes and delivering it to them seamlessly. In turn, this is expected to generate higher retention of readers and increased revenue which, following a successful trial, we will begin to participate in.”

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