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  • Agreement signed with Endeavour Drinks Group (“Endeavour”), a business that is operated by Woolworths Limited and which is the owner of the Dan Murphy’s, BWS and CellarMasters brands (amongst others)
  • OpenDNA and Endeavour to create and launch an app, providing users with the ability, with the help of OpenDNA’s personalization technology, to tap into Endeavour’s extensive product suite and associated knowledge base to choose “off the shelf” the best alcoholic beverage selection for their immediate needs
  • Through psychographic profiling and user interaction with the app, consumers can create a library of potential products tailored to their specific interests and reflecting their preferences across a wide range of situations, events and moods
  • OpenDNA will create and power the app, generating revenue in the form of both app development and ongoing usage fees

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) today announces the signature of a customer agreement (“Agreement”) with Endeavour Drinks Group, a business unit operated by Woolworths Limited.

Under the terms of the Agreement, OpenDNA will create and power an innovative app, whose purpose will be to catalogue, suggest and recommend suitable liquor choices for each individual user based on their specific preferences, interests and having regard to factors such as the occasion involved. Through the use of OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the app will “learn” user preferences across a broad range of inputs, metrics and scenarios, enabling it to suggest the perfect alcoholic accompaniment to the user’s circumstances.

OpenDNA will earn revenue through:

  • the development of the app, as well as revenue via subsequent future builds;
  • ongoing usage of the app (calculated by reference both to active user numbers and levels of user interaction with the app); and
  • content sourcing and cataloging via OpenDNA’s extensive access to worldwide content sources.

Speaking today in relation to the signing of the Agreement, OpenDNA CEO and MD Jay Shah said:

“We are delighted to partner with a household name and trusted brand in the form of Endeavour Drinks Group to deliver to consumers an innovative and personalized app, which enables them to select the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. Through use of OpenDNA technology, not only will the app allow individual users to capture and catalogue their preferences for future reference, it will also enable them to access Endeavour’s extensive associated knowledge base to ensure that they receive the best and most personalised experience”.

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