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  • Synapse, a robust suite of business tools developed by OpenDNA, launched to provide customers with deep insights into user interests and psychographics generated from the OpenDNA Artificial Intelligence System (“AIS”)
  • Synapse provides advanced psychographic insights which define not only what users do but why, a long-sought-after data enrichment layer that can propel businesses to the next level of customer experience, whether in relation to content, commerce or customer service
  • With Synapse, customers can obtain insights into their user base which have never been seen before, thereby enhancing their decision-systems’ effectiveness (i.e., CRM, CMS, marketing, etc.). The end results is better business performance in the areas of retention, engagement and revenue.
  • By providing rich, actionable insights (behavioural, emotional and personality), Synapse represents a key milestone in the OpenDNA technology roadmap designed to help customers drive material revenue lift, in turn driving revenue for OpenDNA

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) today announces the launch of Synapse, a suite of business-ready tools and dashboards that enables deep visualization into user interests and psychographics, as well as creating actionable outputs for customer decision-making systems such as CMS, CRM, MarketingTech, and AdTech.

OpenDNA’s Chief Executive Officer and MD, Jay Shah, commented:

“The release of Synapse enables the power of the OpenDNA AIS platform to grow exponentially, by giving our customers new and robust ways of looking and acting on the data and insights that the platform provides. We are continually exploring ways to leverage our AI technology and to deliver relevant, practical outcomes for customers which improve the already-compelling business proposition that our personalisation technology provides. We understand our customers’ requirements for business-ready tools and actionable data – not just data for data’s sake – and Synapse comprehensively addresses those requirements.”

“We believe that Synapse is a tipping point for OpenDNA, allowing our customers to leverage our AIS platform in ways not yet explored. We expect that it will become a major selling point for new customers and an upsell for existing ones.”

Synapse complements the Company’s proprietary AI technology platform by opening up a rich set of tools to business decision-makers using OpenDNA, including marketers, data analysts, and monetization managers. Businesses that employ Synapse can now more effectively target, retain, and convert users of their services. Whether the business team is focused on acquiring new users, upselling existing buyers, or simply deepening engagement of content consumers, Synapse provides specific tools to increase their specific metrics.

The “Personality Attributes” feature is a new innovation unveiled in the Synapse release and marks a monumental step forward in providing businesses with insights into the intent and motivation behind user behavior.

This feature is expected to drive enhanced decisions for commerce, content, and other customer sectors (financial services, health, media, communications), which have been searching for a solution to predict user needs and preferences. By taking into account Personality Attributes, insights can now go well beyond existing interests and delve into the values, opinions, and attitudes behind those interests. In doing so, businesses can get a much deeper view of their users and help broaden the discovery of new content, and even predict their future needs and interests.

Synapse Technology Background

Delivering highly personalized content is a cornerstone of OpenDNA’s AI capabilities. Synapse complements and adds to that offering by providing customers with access to a range of detailed insights and data sets that relate to the interests and psychographics of each individual user, empowering the customer to tailor its desired experience in unique ways for each of its users.

Previous personalization (as well as AI and machine learning) technologies have traditionally taken a “black box” type approach, where only the initial (input) and final (output) data is visible to customers. Synapse breaks the mould by allowing business decision-makers in customer organizations, including marketers, product managers and data analysts and scientists, to participate fully in the process. By providing a rich set of business tools to decision-makers, unique and differentiated experiences can be created for individual users with little limitation to creativity.

Synapse provides the Company with a compelling and differentiated value proposition that will help drive new customer wins and retention of existing customers alike. As its name suggests, Synapse bridges the gap between the “nerve centres” of OpenDNA’s AIS and the customer’s decision-making systems, enabling the flow of rich and detailed user insights to customers.

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