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  • Boardroom.Media, a leading digital multimedia production company based in Sydney, Australia, signs Services Agreement to power its platform’ using OpenDNA’s “Artificial Intelligence System” (AIS)
  • Boardroom.Media specialises in quality audio and video production and webcasting services for listed companies, asset managers and professional services firms
  • OpenDNA’s AIS will enable Boardroom Media to obtain better insights into online readers and subscribers, in turn delivering a richly personalized news and content experience for the individual reader

Leading artificial intelligence company OpenDNA Limited (ASX: OPN) (“OpenDNA” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the signature of a binding Services Agreement (“Agreement”) with Boardroom.Media (“Boardroom”), a privately held Sydney based digital media production company.

The Agreement includes integrating OpenDNA’s AIS into Boardroom’s digital platform(s), to enable OpenDNA to generate insights and psychographic data for Boardroom on its individual readers. Through the use of OpenDNA’s technology, each individual reader will in turn be delivered highly personalized content that is tailored to their specific interests.

Furthermore, through the use of OpenDNA’s technology, Boardroom will also have access to additional externally sourced content to add to its already extensive content library, as well as the inclusion of native advertising, which provides Boardroom with an additional revenue stream.

The Agreement is for an initial one-year period, under which OpenDNA will be entitled to a fixed monthly user-based license fee and content sourcing fee, totaling $6,000 per month. In addition, OpenDNA will be entitled to a 25% share in any uplift in revenue generated from advertising within Boardroom’s website. The psychographic profiles will enable Boardroom to highly target readers with the most personalized news and advertisement content.

Speaking today in relation to the signing of the Agreement, Will Canty, Chief Executive Officer of Boardroom Media, said:

“At Boardroom.Media, we live to tell stories that connect audiences with the ideas that are shaping tomorrow. Through the implementation of OpenDNA’s leading edge artificial intelligence technology, we will gain further insights into the interests, likes and dislikes of each of our readers, down to an individual level, which will ultimately enable us, as a publisher, to deliver to each of our readers the most relevant and engaging content.”

OpenDNA’s Managing Director and CEO, Jay Shah, said:

“Boardroom.Media provides a wealth of content to its readers and subscribers through various forums, including ‘Talking Stock’ and ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ series. They have a solid reputation for delivering the issue of the day and share insights from trusted commentators across diverse sectors, which has resulted in them achieving enviable growth. Our technology will facilitate continued future growth as a result of Boardroom gaining better insights of its individual readers, tailoring content based on their likes and dislikes and delivering it to them seamlessly. In turn, will generate higher retention of readers.”

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