Implement OpenDNA's GDPR Solution

With OpenDNA, your organisation would be able to address your 
privacy challenges.

The simple and transparent experience provided by the OpenDNA GDPR solution will help in building trust with your users in that their data is safe and within their control.

OpenDNA's GDPR solution provides your businesses with an integrated consent management, ongoing data management, full export and user profile deletion options, in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

How is OpenDNA ensuring GDPR compliance and what does it mean for Businesses?

OpenDNA has designed a pluggable solution which will enable compliance with the legal requirements of GDPR.

Within its primary functions, the OpenDNA GDPR solution will provide the consent management, ongoing data management, full export and profile deletion options as is required under the new regulation. This negates much of the overhead that a business would otherwise need to take on in order to have processes that comply with these laws.

Some ways our solution will help your organisation

GDPR Compliance*
Our suite of consumer facing web plugins ensure that all interactions with OpenDNA-provided personalisation is GDPR compliant. We offer your users full control over how their data is being collected by us and shared with your organisation.

OpenDNA offers businesses automated, real-time personalisation allowing you to update individual user experiences based on micro-interactions, browsing and behavioral changes.

Advanced User Insights
Businesses will have the benefit of gaining detailed and reliable psychographics for individual users. This includes interests and personality analysis through measuring engaged content sentiment.

*This excludes requirements such as appointing a GDPR Compliance Officer as well as the GDPR status of existing third-party services already integrated by your organisation. It’s up to you to respect requests by end-users to share and/or remove data gathered on them outside of the OpenDNA system.

Implement OpenDNA's GDPR solution. Get GDPR ready!