Generate Better ROI through
more focused user engagement

Generate Better ROI
through more focused user engagement


CHOOSE Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency in Perth with an integrated approach to drive customer acquisition and help brands achieve their business goals. Recognised as a leader in our field, results are at the heart of everything we do.

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RooLife is focussed on matching Chinese consumers with Australian businesses using a uniquely streamlined business model. We offer new and well-established companies an innovative, cost-effective, hassle-free way of growing their brands in the Chinese market.

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Real time insights. Relevant Profiling.
Revolutionary Results.

AI Driven Psychographic Profiles Screen

Build Psychographic Profiles

Targeted and hyper-relevant information is compiled to produce unique profiles. This allows you to retarget your audience with the content they want in context of your product.

Artificial Intelligence Screen

Smart Content Analysis

These profiles are used for analytics sectors, video-on-demand, image analysis, smart integration with ad-tech, business intelligence and more.

Geo-location data with AI insights

Synchronize Content

No more complicated manual changes or rules. Instead you can automate your content and ads in real time, designed to engage with your audience.


By serving customer-specific content and ads, you appeal to their best behavior. This drives higher page views, click-through rates, impressions and time spent on your site.

Keep their attention

Users are more likely to return, engage and convert into a customer if your content is relevant. Serve them the right content in context while you lower your costs and they retain profile transparency.

Leverage revenue

Engagement, impressions, high dwell time and low churn equate to efficient content creation. The bottom line is this results in driving up subscription revenue.