corporate governance

    Diversity Policy


  1. The Company recognises the positive advantages of a diverse workplace and is committed to:
    1. creating a working environment conducive to the appointment of well qualified employees senior management and board candidates; and
    2. identifying ways to promote a corporate culture which embraces diversity when determining the composition of employees, senior management and the Board.
  2. Objectives

  3. This Diversity Policy provides a framework for the Company to achieve:
    1. a diverse and skilled workforce, leading to continuous improvement in service delivery and achievement of corporate goals;
    2. a workplace culture characterised by inclusive practices and behaviours for the benefit of all staff;
    3. a work environment that values and utilises the contributions of employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives through improved awareness of the benefits of workforce diversity and successful management of diversity; and
    4. awareness of all staff of their rights and responsibilities with regards to fairness, equality and diversity for all aspects of diversity.
  4. Measurable Objectives

  5. The Board will set measurable objectives at least annually for workplace diversity including gender diversity and assess annually the objectives and the progress towards achieving them.
  6. Recruitment

  7. The Chief Executive Officer will:
    1. review the recruitment and selection processes to ensure that current and potential employees are not discriminated against; and
    2. ensure that the selection process of its employees, senior management and the board takes into account the following factors:
      1. attract and retain people from equal employment opportunity target groups, and others who together make up a diverse workforce; and
      2. facilitate the employment of indigenous Australian people
  8. Awareness, skills and development

  9. To embrace diversity in the Company and assist in the development of a broader pool of skilled and experienced board candidates the Company will:
    1. provide induction, education and training to staff who are from diverse backgrounds to enhance the retention of new employees and promotion of existing employees to senior management and board positions; and
    2. ensure that employees, senior management and the board attend programs to increase awareness of issues in relation to the employment of staff from diverse backgrounds.
  10. Evaluating and managing diversity

  11. The Chief Executive Officer will regularly and at least annually gather information on demographics in the Company and conduct staff surveys or diversity audits to identify areas of weakness and to assess the Company’s progress towards achieving the measurable objectives
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