We use AI to help you
understand the user

About OpenDNA

Artificial Intelligence for Business

We currently live in the era known as The Internet of Things. What this means is everything is connected one way or another via computing devices embedded in everyday objects that send and receive information and media.

As wonderful as this is, it means businesses are forced to sift through Big Data. This is an impossible to comprehend amount of content that makes it very difficult to understand how to promote products and services to the right target at the right time.

There is a break down in valuable communication between the business and the customer; the conversation has collapsed in the noise of content overload. People feel stereotyped and part of a generalization.

People are special – down to the individual. Individuals look for respect and recognition in their conjoined off and online experiences. They have learned to ignore broadcasted content in favor of critical selection of what they engage in.

The generic promotion of your business is no longer loud enough to cut through the saturation. It’s time to relook at the way you talk to the customer and it starts with listening.

The Individual

The key to getting the customer’s attention is to talk to them like they are the only one in the room. To do that you have to make them feel special by taking the time to get to know them, take note of their interests and think ahead when it comes to discovering content they will appreciate. Just like you would in life when you want to catch someone’s eye.

We believe the original democratic vision of the Internet was designed to speak to each individual and let him or her be heard. Empowering the individual by listening and learning and only then promoting themselves, is where companies can reclaim the value and legitimacy they add to the market.

OpenDNA is the key to unlocking this relationship, allowing your business the opportunity to find its voice and the right target market. For the first time, users are being offered a totally transparent experience, with full control over their profile and personal data. Now both businesses and customers become masters of their experience, discovering valuable content along the way that makes every engagement a mutually rewarding one.