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more engaged customers, improved roi

The End to Shotgun Marketing

OpenDNA means the end to shotgun marketing. No more blowing budgets and missed opportunities by talking to the wrong people at the wrong time, in the wrong place. It also means no more sweating over complex data capturing and mining operations that can take months off your life, and cost a fortune. Businesses, websites, and apps are now able to get all the relevant insights they need, plus more; and build rewarding relationships with perfectly matched consumers.

Increase User Retention

Personalized digital experiences directly results in improved customer satisfaction, higher page views and returning customers.

Increase Revenue

Increased relevance causes higher click-through rates on ads, which equals increased revenue.

Predict User Behavior

As opposed to a traditional “rear view mirror” approach, OpenDNA provides a holistic view of your clients’ users and assists with predicting future behavior.

Market Intelligently

OpenDNA enables the identification of the interests and needs of your most valuable users. If you know exactly who you should be marketing to, Costs Per Aquisition plummets

Bespoke Analytics

OpenDNA clients and partners get access to analytics that provide real-time analysis of each individual's digital actions. With our analytics you are able to establish a detailed psychographic profile which far exceeds the level of detail that is currently available in traditional systems. These detailed user profile views enable businesses to better serve their users with highly personalized offerings and relevant experiences.

flexible model to suit your business

Partnering with OpenDNA

A monthly subscription fee is applicable to have OpenDNA power your website, app or service and the fee is based on the number of active users. In addition to the subscription fee, either a per session connection fee (API call) is charged or a product and/or advertising revenue agreement is made for the relevant OpenDNA-powered system.