People are not categories.
People are individuals.

Building real relationships, starts with listening, learning and adapting one individual at a time.

Experience content that you really care about, free of all the irrelevant information along the way. We enable you to easily and seamlessly find what you want, when you want, based on your interests.

From the very beginning, your data is always yours; the privacy policy is transparent and we respect your ownership of all personal data. All we do is guide companies to promote the perfect content and promotions so you are served excellent content.

Your Recommendations

Based on your interests and search behavior, our unique artificial intelligence engine serves the content you want now and suggests what you may like later from shopping to online courses. It’s all about learning and we’re here to help, making it easier than ever.

Your Profile

This is your personal hub where your information is stored, adapted and controlled all by you. This is where you can add or take away your interests, helping us to find and deliver your personalized content.

Your Experience

OpenDNA learns along with you. Together, we build on what you initially want to know about and continue to customize your search to be as useful and interesting as possible. It’s a bespoke experience of select content, curated by you, enabled by us.

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