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Offer your clients a personal experience.

For the first time, you can really stay one step ahead of competitors in the long run. OpenDNA can proudly confirm we own the rights to the most advanced artificial intelligence engine when it comes to collecting and serving the perfect personalized content to consumers. This is where market growth can be measured and your business excels.

All services are implemented and owned by you.

open API’s

Our Software Development Kit:

• Integrated content enabler
• Personalization
• Publishing tools
• Marketing tools
• Comprehensive mobility across all channels

Competitive rates & all access

Cloud, subscription-based rates ensure your services remain competitive. This allows you the freedom to increase your margin and grow.

Expensive app development is eliminated due to our pre-built white-label app. This gives you the opportunity to be flexible about your project pricing.

The happier your customers, the more everyone mutually benefits from this technically advanced application. User bases grow, retention and churn decreases while ad and subscription revenue goes up.