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The Internet of Me

We’ve reached an information tipping point. Up till now the guiding ethos of the online world has been more data, more options, more media, more apps, more eyeballs, more everything.

Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of Big Data owned by big companies, with very little collaboration and communication between them.
As a result, they aren’t very effective in delivering personal insights, or creating meaningful 360-degree personality profiles.

And because they’re operating independently, with big corporate goals, the individual’s needs, wants and opinions are getting left out. And consumers are starting to notice.

People have a deep-seated psychological need to be recognized as individuals, and not lumped together with millions of other “demographic targets”. They’re ready for a change. And the world needs to brace itself.

Instead of the Internet of Everyone, it’s becoming The Internet of Me. From mass generalizations to micro insights, from the generic to intimate, from broadcasting to narrowcasting.

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OpenDNA Named a “Business of Tomorrow” by Westpac
Achieving the status of a Westpac “Business of Tomorrow” is the latest noteworthy recognition event for the Company, whose technology was featured in the Apple Store on several occasions in 2016.
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OpenDNA signs ad tech agreements with Facebook & Fyber
We can now offer our customers access to extensive advertising inventory, best-in-class ad technology and increased advertising revenue when used in conjunction with our highly personalized apps.
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OpenDNA launches iOS and Android apps for SportsBlog
A key component of OpenDNA’s near-term monetisation strategy is the integration of personalised advertising networks across all OpenDNA-powered client websites and apps.
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OpenDNA signs major UK travel brand
OpenDNA to power Family Traveller website and Apps, providing real-time psychographic profiling of customer base and personalised advertising content.
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"The internet was designed to be decentralised so everybody could participate... [Instead] personal data has been locked up in these silos."

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the scientist who pioneered the world wide web.

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The Individual

OpenDNA is unique in that it’s the first time consumers are being offered total transparency, control and power over their personal data, and who sees what.

At the same time, companies will know exactly who they’re talking to, what would interest them, where to find them, and how they’d like to be addressed.

We believe this is more in line with the original vision and ethos behind the internet, which was always designed to be democratic, decentralized, empowering and peer-to-peer.

As it turned out, large corporates had the capital and the resources to build up massive presence, revenues and data banks - and the individual became a faceless consumer to bombard with indiscriminate ads.

Instead of being passive consumers who have to put up with irritating, irrelevant and inappropriate content and marketing; we can now become masters of our own experiences, selectors for our favorite stores, and editors of our own personal magazines and video channels.

board and management


Jay Shah - Chief Executive Officer

Snapshot: Founder, Inventor, Technology & Marketing Strategist, Operating CEO, Business Leader in the Technology / AI Space.

Jay’s interests in technology range from web system development to VOIP (internet telephony) and Cellular. It was Jay’s vision of how psychographic data could be systematically be generated that has led to the OpenDNA’s platform ability to populate its databases with hundred of millions of data points per week. Self taught information scientist/specialist and computer engineer that can lead development teams and produce completely innovative products. Jay believed that users needed a way to view and control their own data, in turn allowing them to get personalized, customized and relevant experiences of the internet. Businesses could then ensure that they are better targeting and engaging customers. This was the reason that led him to start OpenDNA.

George Irwin - Chief Technical Officer

Snapshot: Founder, Inventor, System Architect, AI/Machine Learning Maven, Cloud Computing Specialist

George has years of experience building marketing automation and consumer review systems, which included building complex algorithms to monitor social media trends and big data analysis. His speciality is distributed computation and auto-scaling cloud computing architectures. George believed that users should have a way to securely view and control their own data and hence enable personalized experiences across the internet, on platforms powered by OpenDNA.

Richard Jarvis - Chief Financial Officer

Snapshot: CFO with 20+ years senior leadership experience.

Mr Jarvis is a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), with twenty years’ experience gained both in public practice and in senior finance leadership roles. The first ten years of his career he spent working in a business advisory capacity both in the UK and Australia, providing professional accounting services to a diverse client base.
For the last ten years he has held senior managerial roles, including acting as Chief Financial Officer for a number of international companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and/or the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Grant Pestell - Chairman

Snapshot: Founding Director: Murcia Pestell Hillard, Non-Exec. Director ASX listed ASG Group

A founding director of Murcia Pestell Hillard, Grant has 20 years’ experience in commercial litigation and corporate and commercial law.

His emphasis lies in providing strategic advice; and acting on corporate transactions, critical contractual negotiations and large-scale disputes. Grant has extensive experience advising high net worth individuals, and both listed and private companies - particularly in the resources, energy, construction, and ICT industries.

He is regularly involved in - and advises on - complex commercial disputes, strategic contract negotiations, risk management, financing and restructuring.

Lawyer Monthly Magazine recognized Grant as one of the Global 250 Leading Lawyers for 2014.

Lonnie Sciambi - Non-Exec. Director

Snapshot: 30+ Years CEO of public and private companies

Lonnie is Managing Director and CEO of Small Business Force, LLC, through which he advises international entrepreneurs and small businesses. He has spent more than thirty years as CEO of both public and private companies. As an entrepreneur, Lonnie founded, grew and sold two of his own companies and has completed successful turnarounds of eight companies in disparate markets. As an investment banker, he was involved in raising more than $350 million in capital in both the public and private sectors and had primary responsibility for more than three dozen merger and acquisition transactions – both domestic and international. His background also includes senior manager positions with EDS and Citicorp. Lonnie started his career at IBM. He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

Evan Cross - Non-Exec. Director

Snapshot: Exec. Director: ASX listed MyFiziq (MYQ), Non-Exec. Director: Activistic (ACU)

Evan is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has extensive corporate experience - having worked in the investment banking industry in Australia and the U.S.

Evan has been involved in a number of cross-border leveraged buyout transactions, equity issues and senior and mezzanine debt financings. He has undertaken numerous corporate acquisitions and asset divesture assignments, as well as providing business valuations and expert's reports.

Evan has played a senior role in the evaluation, financial analysis and presentation of valuation and forecast information. He has over 30 years’ experience in the accounting, finance and investment banking industries; and as a business founder and operating managing director.